Ground Video Link Workstation

The Ground Video Link Workstation is a dedicated support frame designed for Chinowing's ground station and external video link system.

It integrates the video link, fiberglass epoxy antennas, cooling system and bracket, which works in conjunction with Chinowing's ground control station.

This combination provides more stable transmission performance and easier operation. Its unique quick disassembly and assembly feature caters to various work modes.

It can work with V21/VM21/V31/VM31 video link.

Key Features

Various operation mode

Quick-detach design

2 Aviation sockets for direct connection

between GCS and video link

Mountable on the tripod

Swift adjustment of antennas height and direction

Quick detach design

Fast switch of different kinds of antennas

A cooling system incorporated

Working even in high-temperature environment

Dual battery design


Compatible with Chinowing all video links

V21 V31 VM21 VM31

T40 GCS + V31 video link + Workstation

Demo Video